Tack Kettle:

Cimline puts the latest technology to work with a new Tack Kettle for high performance and reliable heating and application of bituminous emulsions and tack coats. This compact unit employs a unique S-shaped single flue design that offers even, energy-efficient heating. This allows our 40 lb. propane tank to last twice as long as units with the same tank size and ensure all day operation. Operator features include a 36” x 32” maintenance hatch for easy clean-out, 50-feet of retractable hose, a lightweight spray wand and large solvent/fl ush box. This easy-to-use kettle rides on a torsion axle with electric brakes for long term, low-maintenance operation. You know Cimline’s leading cracksealing melter/applicator advantages for municipalities and contractors. Now discover how new technology makes better Tack Kettles for everyday operation.

• Fuel Saving Single Flue Design
• Large Maintenance Hatch
• Pump or Gravity Feed
• 250 and 500 Gallon Models
• Optional Spray Bar Simply unbolt and remove large maintenance hatch for easy access.

Choose gravity feed or direct drive hydraulic pump. Rugged 7 gauge steel tank available in 250 or 500 gallons. Reliable 5 hp Honda gas engine.

Optional folding spray bar allows an 8-foot swath to be covered in one pass. Fold one side up to cover smaller areas. Hand valves at each nozzle allow the operator to adjust the spray width in one foot increments.

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